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Moravian Field Hockey on Day 3 in Barcelona, Spain.

Day 3 - Barcelona, Spain

January 11, 2019

DAY 3 – Barcelona, Spain

On day 3 of Moravian Field Hockey’s Europe trip the team, staff and parents all went to the site of the 1992 Olympic Games. The 1992 games changed Barcelona drastically in many ways and has come a long way since the Olympics. The Hounds got to explore the Olympic Museum and also had the chance to see the Olympic arena where track & field was held.


After walking around the Olympic facility, the team hopped back on the bus and headed back to the hotel until lunch at 4pm. The team ate at a Buffet where there were multiple options of food.


The team then hopped back on the bus again to head to their first game of the trip! They played in Tarrassa, Spain against a women’s field hockey club team. After the game our team exchanged a gift to the other team which was a Moravian Athletics Magnet. Game #2 will be in Rome, Italy.