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Moravian Field Hockey on Day 6 & 7 in Rome, Italy

Day 6 & 7 - Rome, Italy

January 15, 2019

Day 6 & 7 - Rome, Italy

The Greyhounds are halfway through their journey in Europe! On day 6 the Hounds went to Pompeii to see the ruins of the late city destroyed by the near by Volcano Mount Vesuvius. After their long morning in Pompeii the Hounds headed to Sorrento to eat some Italian food and walk around town and shop. 


On day 7, the Hounds made their way to Rome by bus! After 2 hours the team arrived and hit the ground running with their first stop of the day at the Vatican. After the team went to the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and many other historical landmarks. The team then grabbed a bite to eat and made their way back to the hotel after a long day in Rome! 


The team has their second game tomorrow night in Rome as well as it being their final day in Europe.