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DIY Dorm Decorations

DIY Holiday Room Decorations

December 9, 2016

The winter holidays are coming, but unfortunately, you’re room doesn’t look festive. And when you’re on a budget, it’s probably out of your price range to buy a giant, inflatable snow globe for a hundred dollars—plus, it may annoy your housemate and block the path to the kitchen, which is where the cookies are. Nevertheless, beautiful decorations are possible with these 6 easy ideas!

1) Paper Snowflakes—and lots of ‘em

Nothing says adornment, yet inexpensive, like paper snowflakes. This tried and true elementary school art project is great for the winter months. If white isn’t your style, feel free to color them or used colored construction paper! All you need are scissors, paper, and a little creativity (or try out these lovely patterns.)



2) Create a Wreath

Create a wreath to hang on your door or around your room. Add fake snow, glitter, and pinecones to make your space look and smell amazing.

The Steps:

  • Take a wire coat hanger and curve it into a circle (as big or as small as you’d like)


  •  Find pinecones and fake leaves/flowers/twigs/berries and hot glue them to the coat hanger


  • Hang and enjoy!

3) Create Glitter Mason-Jaw Lanterns

Glue glitter inside a mason jar and put a tea light inside to make it glow! Yup, it’s that simple and will add a festive spirit around your room!

The Steps:

  • Get a mason jar (or any clear jar)
  • Get clear glue and spread on inside of jar
  • Get glitter and sprinkle it onto glue
  • Optional: place a tea light inside
  • Enjoy!

sparkle jar.png


4) Add Twinkle Lights

Buy twinkle lights in the summer or right after the holidays are over—this is when they’ll be on sale. Save them for the next holiday, put them up, and enjoy (or put them up right away if you’re a Christmas in July kind of person).

xmas lights.png


5) Fake Snow, Garland, and Mistletoe

Spread fake snow, garland, and mistletoe around your room! Put the snow and garlands up and down a banister, draped around a doorframe and window—anywhere you’d like! Place the mistletoe under a doorway and who knows—maybe you’ll get a kiss from a special someone.

fake snow.png

6) Add Frosty to Your Favorite Places

Make mini snowmen and place them around your room—like a winter elf-on-the-shelf just for you!

You’ll need:

Fluffy white yarn balls, mini beads/gems/buttons, twigs, ribbon, hot glue, and hot glue gun

The Steps:

  • Hot glue the yarn balls together
  • Hot glue beads for eyes and one for nose
  • Hot glue some gems or buttons down the body
  • Hot glue twigs to each side for arms
  • Use ribbon for scarf
  • Place around room and enjoy