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2017 Cohen Lecture coming to campus

Get Hyped: 2017 Cohen Speaker

October 20, 2017

We're just days away from the 2017 Moravian College Cohen Arts & Lectures Series happening on campus October 24, and our speaker this year is legendary journalist and political analyst Carl Bernstein.


The Moravian College Political Awareness Coalition has been helping to build the hype with a movie watch of All the President's Men earlier this month. Members of PAC shared some reasons why they're excited for this year's #MCCohenLecture:

"Carl Bernstein has the knowledge that many can't reach in their life time...

...the ability that Moravian students have the opportunity to talk with someone who had single handly taken down an president is one no one should miss out on. Even if you are not someone who is interest in politics, I believe that Moravian should be excited to be able to meet someone who has went through hardships we can't even imagine." -Jakleen Hana

"I am excited to see Carl Bernstein because he was a part of the team that broke the story on one of the most controversial political scandals in all of American History." -Thomas J. Brim

"Moravian College is lucky to be able to have Carl Bernstein come to speak on our campus. Mr. Bernstein has spent his career revealing the ins and outs of American politics...

...from being one of the lead reporters to break the Watergate scandal to covering the career of Hillary Clinton, Mr. Bernstein has been at the forefront of the major stories of politics and government. His insight on various political topics will be fascinating and informative for all." -Ross Traphagen


Don't miss out! Click HERE to get your free tickets for Tuesday's lecture and student q&a.

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