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Moravian College Bucket List

Moravian College Bucket List: 4 Things To Do Before the Semester Ends

April 7, 2016

With another school year starting to wind down, we have a class of seniors almost ready to leave campus for the last time. They, and probably some younger students, might be looking for uniquely Moravian things to do before it’s time to go. This Moravian College bucket list will get you started:

1. Walk the “Moravian Mile.”

main street.jpg

You’ve probably done this at least once during freshman orientation (and maybe a few times since—missing the shuttle can be brutal). But Main Street always has something to do, and the weather this time of year is perfect for a walk in Bethlehem!

2. Take a late night tour through Brethren’s.


The Brethren’s House on South Campus houses the music department by day and spooky ghosts by night. Or not, but you know your student tour guide mentioned that the basement once stored the bodies of Revolutionary soldiers. Even so, at the time, it *still* probably sounded better than high school. No Moravian College experience is complete without a late-night walk through the building—sizable group of friends recommended.

3. Go to a theater production.


It’s not too late to support the theatre company! With a few shows left this year, go see a play or a Friday night reading at the Arena Theater! Made with a lot of hard work, dedication and, of course, drama, each one promises to be entertaining.

4. Make friends with the staff.


If you’ve been here for a few years, you probably recognize most of the staff in the Blue and Grey, Marketplace, Root Cellar, etc. What you might not have done is talked to them! From whoever is tolerating my weird Starbucks order to the cashier being remarkably patient with the student running to find something to fill a double swipe, they’re all so nice and fun to talk to. While you’re at it, give them a thank you to show you appreciate them.

Now if you aren’t a senior, you have a year or two left to make sure you…

5. Go to Christmas Vespers.


Bethlehem is well known for its Christmas events; when it comes to holiday cheer, this town is probably unmatched. Moravian College plays a huge part with Vespers every year. Definitely not just for South Campus and music students, going to at least one before you graduate will help to complete your Moravian College experience. (Be quick though, tickets become available a couple months in advance and are highly sought-after!)

6. Check out Bethlehem’s many cultural events.

celtic fest.jpg

Christmas isn’t the only thing Bethlehem does well. Every August the city hosts Musikfest, a free weeklong music festival. With a variety of music, food and other features, it’s worth checking out and getting a taste of Bethlehem outside the context of school. Closer to fall, usually after classes have started again, Celtic Fest stretches from Main Street past South Campus. According to their website, over 260,000 people attend. And with amazing food, some interesting vendors and border collies that chase ducks through an obstacle course, it really can’t be missed. 

What would YOU add to your Moravian College Bucket List? Chime in with a comment below.


What a fantastic post, Alicia! I'm pleased to say I've done all these things--and you're right, these are some of the absolute best things about being at Moravian.

Joyce Hinnefeld (not verified) | Mon, 04/18/2016 - 14:14