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Millennium Fellows at Moravian College

Moravian College Millennium Fellows

February 11, 2019

15 Moravian College students were selected for the Millennium Fellowship last semester, a prestigious student leadership development program presented by United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network. Get an inside look at "The 1742 Model: The Sustainable Development Goals in the Lehigh Valley: A Comprehensive Program for Education and Action" from a few our our fellows:

Melissa Webber ’19

Students participating in the Millennium Fellowship at Moravian College

"I would say that the most eye-opening part of my Millennium Fellowship experience was the opportunity to learn more about issues that impact my local community. It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our own lives and to take advantage of the privileges we are lucky enough to have, while our very own neighbors could be struggling for basic human needs like food and shelter. The projects the Millennium Fellows put forth make me want to do more when it comes to helping those in need."

Jason Dietrich ’19

President Creative Hounds United, Laptop Band VP, Kappa Delta Pi Event Planner, Peer Mentor 2018-2019

Students participating in the Millennium Fellowship at Moravian College

"My Millennium Fellowship experience changed my life! It was one of the best experiences I have had during my time here at Moravian College. It really opened my eyes to the problems that the world faces, and how it's important for leaders, like Moravian College, to step up and be a voice of change in our surrounding communities.

As a member of our project’s education and LGBTQ+ subcommittees, I was able to improve my skills as a future educator and learn more about diversity across the United States. I didn't know a lot about LGBTQ+ awareness prior to my involvement in the Millenium Fellowship and gaining this knowledge will be very useful when I teach this population of students and as I advocate for all students.

One phenomenal experience was a speakers’ event held last October at Lehigh University. One of the guest speakers was Samantha Power, a former United Nations Ambassador under President Obama. She spoke about her experiences as a United Nations Ambassador and how it's important for all of us to step up and be leaders if we're passionate about an issue. And she urged that if you face ridicule or opposition from others, don’t let it stop you from doing something that could change the world. Hearing about some of her experiences made me even more passionate about the issues facing the world, and it strongly reinforced the purpose behind the projects the Millennium Fellows were doing on behalf of the Millennium Fellowship.

When I went up to a microphone in that auditorium and asked Ms. Power a question about leadership, I felt scared, but I've learned from Sam Vaghar, executive director and cofounder of Millennium Campus Network, that you should never be afraid to talk to anyone. That advice will stick with me for the rest of my life, including when I'm teaching. Those words enabled me to stand up and ask Samantha Power a question rather than sit back and wonder what if I had asked that question? It's better to do and know than to not do and wonder what might have happened.

Mr. Vaghar’s words and my participation in the Millennium Fellowship have made me more confident in myself, my skills, and my talents and given me the ability to step forward and tackle an issue when needed. We should all get involved, which is what I intend to do to a greater extent than I have thus far. I hope, with this experience, to inspire my future students to get involved in world issues like the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

I was so thrilled and so honored to be selected out of many students on this campus to work with such great and passionate leaders through the Millennium Fellowship. I will definitely be proud when my future students get inspired as well, and I will be very excited to call myself teacher.

Shianne Reimer ’20

Students participating in the Millennium Fellowship at Moravian College

"The most significant aspect of the Millennium Fellowship was having the opportunity to work with a group of gifted individuals that I otherwise wouldn’t have collaborated with. Despite the limited timeframe of the fellowship, we accomplished quite a lot. It was an experience I will not soon forget."