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Oktoberfest in Bethlehem

Community Happenings: Bethlehem's Oktoberfest

October 24, 2016

Alyssa D’Ippolito B.A. ‘15/M.A.T. ‘18

For those of us who love the sweet, amber liquid that is known as beer, there is no better place to be during the chilly days of October than Munich, Germany. However, if 4,137 miles is a bit far for you to travel, you can always head just a few minutes from campus to the Steel Stacks for their own rendition of Oktoberfest.

*Note: What's Oktoberfest without beer? This post contains information aimed for those 21 and older. Read (and enjoy) responsibly!


As someone who used to date a brewer, I have spent countless hours listening to the process and the history of making beer, and tasting just as many, and have grown a fond appreciation and broad knowledge of the world of beer. So, for me, the first logical stop at Oktoberfest was the Brewer’s Village.

Brewers Village.jpg

For only $25 ($20 for ArtsQuest members), you received a pass into the village and a small, commemorative tasting stein that’s yours to keep. Each of the 20+ breweries created a tented circle around a blocked off area of the Steel Stacks, with a Wegman’s food table in the middle serving soft pretzels to help soak up some of the booze.

From Lost Tavern Brewing in Hellertown to our own local Weyerbacher Brewing Company in Easton, brewers from all over came to share their tasty product. Whether you enjoy a nice India Pale Ale or prefer a thicker, darker stout, there was something for everyone. Even cider lovers were able to try out Angry Orchard’s green apple cider. 


Beer wasn’t the only thing at Oktoberfest, though. There was a slew of activities planned including adorable Dachshund races, a not-so-scary scarecrow competition, and, one of my favorites, the Yuengling 5k run/walk. There were even lumberjack competitions for those who prefer their men bearded and running on logs while wearing flannel.

If lumberjacks aren’t your scene, you may have had a better time at the David Hasselhoff-off, where The Hoff look-a-likes competed against one another in slow motion running to see who would be crowned the ultimate Hasselhoff.


Steel Stacks rounded off Oktoberfest by offering free Uber rides up to $10 to anyone who may have celebrated a bit too hard. All in all, Oktoberfest was an incredible opportunity to get in touch with a bit of that wonderful German culture.