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photo of student standing in aquarium tunnel looking at fish

Oregon Coast Aquarium

May 25, 2018

Mark Hahn in Shark Tunnel

Today was our last fun day in Oregon. The next two days consist of an exam, presentations, and a very long trip home. We started our aquarium visit with an opossum. Yes, an opossum that you see all the time in Pennsylvania but this one had one eye and ate food off a tiny dog kong. They told us that she had been rescued and rehabilitated after being hit by a car and now she is the mascot for their wildlife rehabilitation program. This could have been the highlight of my entire aquarium visit.

The aquarium showed many of the habitats and species we’ve been learning about in this course as well as many we haven’t talked about like the deep sea. The touch pool seemed boring compared to everything we’ve been able to pick up at our different field sites. The sea otters, sea lions, and harbor seals were a favorite for most people.

It’s hard to believe this trip is almost over. We’ve all been able to do amazing things here, from exploring habitats most of us have never seen before, to designing and testing our own experiments. Many of us don’t even want to leave. Oregon is a beautiful state. I would encourage anyone who has the chance to come visit, you won’t regret it!

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