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Student steering motorboat on Oregon coast

Oregon Coast Boat Trip!

May 18, 2018

Sea CaveToday our group explored the ocean outside the Charleston Harbor. The weather cooperated by not raining or supplying high winds, so the boat ride was fairly smooth. We had the pleasure of the leadership of Captain Knute, a seasoned sailor who is as kind as he is wise. Knute handed the wheel to me after navigating out of the harbor and I was permitted to steer the boat while he and the rest of the group collected specimens from the sandy ocean floor as well as microscopic plankton from the water.

Ellyn driving the boatWhen we returned to the land, we took our buckets to the lab and discovered that we had shrimp, sole, sand dollars, and comb jellies as well as diatoms, copepods, larvacean, and porcelain crab zoea larvae! But our day was just beginning. We still had research to continue, meals to eat, seminars to attend, basketballs to throw, and sea caves to explore. Each day has been an opportunity for me to learn about the marine life of Oregon but also a chance to get to know some really great human beings. My fellow Moravians, the other students here at OIMB, the staff, and the locals are all so earnest and friendly and I am a better person for having enrolled in this course!

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