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Study Abroad In Berlin: Michael Kopach

Study Abroad In Berlin

September 11, 2017

I embarked on a study abroad experience in Berlin, Germany this August through the aid of Christian Sinclair and the international studies office. The program is called the CIEE, and so far it has been a tremendous experience. I have met many people and have taken some interesting excursions.


For example, I took a trip to the Berlin Bundesbank, a regional office of the European Central Bank in late August with my international finance class. Here I listened to Albrecht Sommer - who is a part of the Regional Office of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Berlin and Brandenburg - give an in depth presentation on the trajectory of the European Central Bank. In this presentation he explained how the European Central Bank must meet certain targets and what the bank must do in order to meet those targets. Specifically, he went in much depth on how the Bundesbank must aid in this process and how they fit into the workings of the European Central Bank.


I also took a group trip to Dresden this past week, and we were able to get a taste of the rich history that Dresden has to offer. Here I took tours of new and old Dresden and was able to get a sense of where the city has come from and where it is headed.


Aside from the excursions that I have been able to take while abroad, the classes have been challenging yet good. Students from various colleges in the United States surround me and I am grateful to have the liberal arts educational background that Moravian College has provided me.

With this liberal arts background, I am able to compete with anybody in the classroom.

Being a double major in Financial Economics and German, it's a great opportunity to be in Berlin because I am able to sharpen my German speaking skills all the while trying to attain fluency.


I have the opportunity to do this not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom. I can do this by asking a German native for directions, trying to navigate through the streets of Berlin on a bike while reading street signs, or simply ordering something in German.

I'm proud to say that I have the opportunity to represent Moravian College on an international level. I know that Berlin and the rest of Germany have much more in store and I'm eager to experience it.