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Surviving the End of the Semester

Surviving the End-of-the-Semester Slump

November 30, 2017

It’s the week after Thanksgiving break and you’re still trying to pull yourself out of your food-induced coma. That last small shred of motivation is harder to find than Waldo in a Candy Cane factory. The signs are classic: throbbing headaches, puffy, bloodshot eyes, sweatpants every day-would it even be possible to get a caffeine IV drip?

You’re faced with the End-of-the-Semester Slump. Every college student goes through it, especially with the holidays right around the corner and all you want to do is go Christmas shopping and sleep. But alas, classes beckon and your GPA depends on that final paper or project. But luckily for you, here are a few tips on how to beat it!

1. Meditate!


Meditating has been proven to help reduce psychological stress and calm the nerves. There are multiple different practices of meditation, some of which even correspond to changes in different regions of the brain, according to a Forbes online article. One of the most common types that many college students can easily practice is Mindfulness Meditation. With this kind of meditation, the focus is on your breath and your breathing. Practicing this type of meditation can help steady your mind and alleviate some least for a little while.

2. Take a Walk


Walking can easily help reduce stress and calm your mind. Even just a 20-30 minute walk can have a noticeable calming effect on the body. While we are all busy with schoolwork at the end of the semester, that 20-30 minutes we spend watching an episode of “Friends” could be replaced with both exercise and stress relief!

3. Create Incentives


This tip is one that I use myself to keep my motivation going. No matter how much I want to watch shows on Netflix or my favorite YouTubers, I only allow myself to do this after I’ve completed an assignment. To avoid becoming distracted while I’m working, I close all of my social media tabs on my laptop and refuse to open them until my assignment is done. Some people can replace videos with food or spending time with friends. As long as it’s an incentive that will motivate you to get your work done rather than distract you, incentives give you something to look forward to.

4. Countdown to the Holidays


While it’s easy to get distracted by the cookie-baking, eggnog guzzling, tree decorating extravaganza that is approaching, counting down until the holidays is also a fun way to get pumped to finish the semester strong. Write a list of all the things you’re going to do as soon as finals are over and keep it taped to your door or desk so you’ll feel excited whenever you see it.

5. Vent to Friends


Keeping pent-up negative emotions inside can cause even more stress, so sometimes it’s good to have a nice, long vent session with a friend. That way, you can both take turns ranting about this class or that assignment, or complain about a professor together. Usually after these vent-sessions, both people tend to feel better, calmer, and more prepared to conquer the end of the semester together.