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Planning the Perfect Friendsgiving

Tips for the Perfect Friendsgiving

November 17, 2017

I’m sure everyone has been there: it’s the end of October and all of your friends have come up with the brilliant idea to have a ‘friends-giving.’ You each decide to bring a dish and have a family-style meal together sometime before you each go home for Thanksgiving break. Now, most of us that have come up with the idea have also faced the harsh reality of it never happening. If you are usually in this situation, this article is for you!


I have compiled a list of easy recipes and other essentials to bring to your meal below. Depending on your group size and tastes, the list can be easily altered to fit your meal.

You also should consider who will be hosting this dinner and how much money you will each spend. Then you can begin to divide up the dishes!


The first thing you will need is your plates, cups, silverware, and napkins. These can be fairly cheap, especially if you use paper, and can be split among many people. Make sure you count enough for everyone, and then enough for dessert, too. For dessert, a pie can be easily purchased at a local grocery store along with some brownies or cookies! Other desserts can also be bought at Vegan Treats right on Linden Street or Stations Cafe on Main Street. If you wish to make your dessert, pumpkin pie can be simple and most people love to eat it!

Food, arguably the most important part, will be next.


The first thing you will need is a turkey which will take the longest to prepare. I recommend following the recipe below, and cooking this the day of the dinner. Keep in mind, making the turkey can be extremely difficult so whomever does this should not make any other dish. Then, you will need mashed potatoes, corn, and some sort of vegetable. The link below is for a delicious vegetable salad that is extremely easy to make.

Once you have made all of your dishes, sit down, relax, and have an entertaining time with your friends. I hope this list will help you all have a stress-free ‘friends-giving’ this year, and each year after that.


Easy Recipes:

Turkey Recipe:

Mashed Potato Recipe:

Vegetable Salad Recipe:

Pumpkin Pie Recipe: