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Top 5 Holiday Shopping Hacks

Top 5 Holiday Shopping Hacks

November 20, 2017

Most people would agree that the holidays are a great time to go shopping. Not only are towns decorated beautifully, but many stores have huge deals and discounts. However, with so many people to shop for and a limited budget, buying presents for all your loved ones can be stressful. Here are five holiday hacks to make shopping joyful and easy on the wallet.

1. Price Match


Many stores offer price match: lowering their prices to match their competitors’ rates. This requires a bit of research, but if you can find another store offering the same deal at a lower rate, then chances are pretty good that at the checkout counter, the cashier will give you a discount!

2. Black Friday


This one is a tried and true shopping hack. On Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving, almost every store cuts their prices in order to draw in shoppers. You can get radios, televisions, and that new shirt you’ve been eyeing for half off or more. Just be careful since people can get pretty aggressive n Black Friday, and parking can be difficult.

3. Cyber Monday


If you want to avoid the Black Friday craziness, Cyber Monday is a great time to shop. It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and a time when most stories with an online presence cut their prices. It’s all the parts of shopping that you love since you can browse while in your pajamas. Best part is: parking is free since you don’t have to leave your bed.

4. Coupons


Whether in print or found online, coupons are great when it comes to saving money. Just make sure you check the expiration date—no one wants to have an armload of stuff, only to discover that the coupon expired yesterday. You can sign up for coupons at the store’s register—it may be annoying in the moment, but learning that your favorite store is having a sale may be the perfect excuse you need to get something from your mom—and a little treat for yourself as well.

5. Shop after Christmas is over


Many people don’t realize that stores often offer the best deals after the holidays are over. They have leftover goods they need to sell in order to make room for their new products. So, if you want something for yourself, or if you’re buying a belated present, waiting until after Christmas, or even after the New Year, is a great way to ensure you save money.