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Listicle of Homecoming Week Highlights

Top 5 Homecoming Week Highlights

October 19, 2017

Homecoming is a great tradition that brings students together for endless fun and activities to celebrate our pride in Moravian College. Students and alumnus come together to create memories and have fun. Here is a list of the top five events that were the highlight of Homecoming week to keep in mind for next year!

1. Celebrating A Legacy

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 9.23.28 AM.png

Heritage Day is a new tradition at Moravian and it is a great way to celebrate Moravian’s legacy of volunteering in the community. Students gathered in Johnston Hall and were assigned to different volunteer spots on campus or in the Bethlehem community. I was assigned to making fleece scarves for the Women and Children’s Shelter at United Christ Church and blankets for New Bethany Ministries. I thought this was a great experience and I was amazed that a simple item, like a blanket or a scarf, can bring joy to others who might not be able to afford them. This volunteering opportunity also made me realize that you don’t have to physically go to a specific destination to serve your community, although your time is greatly appreciated. I could make my own blanket or scarf at home and be able to donate it to the nearest shelter. Heritage Day was a great event for students to get involved and celebrate Moravian’s legacy in helping the community.

2. Scavenger Hunt, Wonder Woman, Block Party…OH MY!!!!!


While Homecoming is a great way to celebrate the generations of students who have attended Moravian, it is also a week to have fun and make new memories with new generations. The Moravian Activities Council, MAC, organized various activities for students throughout the school year, and Homecoming was no exception! They held a scavenger hunt and students had to solve specific missions and upload photos to receive points and earn prizes. MAC also had a showing of Wonder Woman in the Prosser Auditorium and gave out free popcorn and candy to students and raffled off AMC gift cards! To round up the week’s events, MAC hosted a Homecoming Block Party outside of the new Sally Briedegam Miksiewicz Center. At the block party, MAC gave out free t-shirts, food, and other goods to students while they enjoyed music from Twisting Life, the winners of the alma mater contest, a live DJ, a photo booth, and other games. MAC holds several events for students, especially during Homecoming Week, and ensures that there is always something for everyone at their events.

3. Calling Back the Pack

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The Homecoming Tailgate has always been a great way for alumni and family to return to their alma mater and talk to old class mates. Returning alumnus can set up their own tailgating booth or stop by a pig roast hosted by SigEp. Awards can also be won by tailgaters for Best Food or Most School Spirit. Not only did the tailgate have events that were perfect for adults, there were also activities for kids. Kids can get their face painted or get free tattoos and keychains. There were several class reunions at the Tailgate and alumnus from different classes reunited and relived their memories from Moravian. The Homecoming Tailgate was perfect for returning students to enjoy a visit to their alma matter and enjoy the company of other classmates.

4. Greyhound Pride


Every year, several clubs and organizations of Moravian College come together before the homecoming football game and march in a parade down to Rocco Calvo Field. All of the different clubs, fraternities, and sororities designed floats and banners centering around a specific theme and the judges pick the float and banner that were the best portrayal of the theme. This year, the homecoming theme was countries around the world and the students did a great job at showcasing a variety of countries in their banners and in the homecoming parade. This parade was definitely a great way to highlight the plethora of clubs and organizations at Moravian and energize spectators before the big football game!

5. Great Day for a Game

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To round up an exciting week of events, the stands filled up at the Rocco Calvo Field to see the Moravian College Football Team as they faced the Ursinus Bears. Students and alumni gathered for this football game and it has been referred to as one of the highlights of Homecoming weekend. The crowds got to enjoy the football game as the cheerleaders and marching band cheered on their fellow Greyhounds. The football game was a great way for students to hang out with friends to show their Moravian College pride! The excitement exhibited by students and alumnus during the game was remarkable and is definitely one of the top events to attend during Homecoming.

Bonus: Celtic Fest!

This year, Moravian College students got a bonus festivity during Homecoming Weekend since Celtic Fest took place at the same time. I visited Celtic Fest for the first time and I was fully immersed by the music, activities, and shops that were available to visitors. People were enjoying lunch while listening to live Celtic music, buying clothing and jewelry at various shops, or watching log throwers compete in the Celtic Highland Games. As I walked around I was amazed by the comradery between the people at Celtic Fest. I learned several new things and it was a wonderful opportunity for students to enjoy themselves and embrace a new culture.

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