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Rainy Day in the Lehigh Valley

Top 5 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in the Lehigh Valley

September 26, 2017

The sun, light, and heat: a trifecta that usually means picnics, swimming, hiking, and amusement parks. However, rainy days don’t necessarily mean an end to the fun. Stormy skies and chilly air can mean a great night in with friends, or adventures to places you never would have thought of. The Lehigh Valley is full of hidden locations perfect for any drizzly day.

1. Sleepovers

Let’s admit it: People are getting more stressed each day, and there isn’t a lot of time for friends. When you do go out, it may be to a bar where you can’t hear anyone over the DJ and people keep checking their phones. The next time there’s a rainy day, invite your best friends over for a sleepover. Not only will it bring amusing middle school flashbacks, but you’ll get a chance to bond, play video games, watch movies, and eat.

2. Bowling/Ice-skating

These tried and true activities aren’t just good children’s birthday party ideas. Bowling and ice-skating are great and underrated activities to do in a pair or a group that can last hours. The closest ones in Bethlehem are Town & Country Bowling Lanes on Stefko Blvd and Bethlehem Ice Rink on Illick’s Mill Road.


3. Laser Tag

Like bowling and ice-skating, many people don’t play laser tag often enough. But they should, since nothing beats chasing down your friends with something that looks like a gun and light saber combo. The game may even end up being enough of a workout that you can skip the gym. The Lehigh Valley Laser Tag has two levels and an arcade, and is conveniently located right in Allentown.

4.  Color Me Mine

You don’t have to be an artist to go to Color Me Mine. Not only is art a great outlet for creativity, but it’s also known for being therapeutic. Color Me Mine is an affordable pottery store that offers a wide variety of pieces perfect for all genders and age groups. Located on 25 E 3rd St in Bethlehem, you can get lost for hours in this store, and with its close location, picking up your pieces shouldn’t be a problem either.

5. Take a free class

You know how there’s always something you say you want to do, but never have the time to? Well, a rainy day is your chance. Many places do free promotional events to get people interested in their services (i.e. martial arts classes or yoga classes). Some locations, like Steel Fitness on 15 W 2nd St in Bethlehem, give a free three-day pass to try the gym. Just because it isn’t sunny doesn’t mean fitness has to be forgotten.

Any of these ideas and more could be the start to an amazing day. There are many places to go in the Lehigh Valley, rain or shine, so don’t let a little water wash away your plans.