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My Moravian
December 19, 2017
Moravian College hosts a yearly service at Central Moravian Church known simply as “Vespers.” In this service, there are musical acts designed to worship and a candlelight service. Many Moravian College students participate through music and volunteer work, and many Moravian College graduates return: to pause and reflect upon their past and to seek out joy for their future. Did you know the tradition of Vespers started in Bethlehem in 1756, even before the Central Moravian Church was completed in 1806? Here are a few more Vespers facts you may not have been aware of...

August 2, 2016
His statue stands watch on Main Street, gazing sternly over campus.  Our main building bears his name.  He's an important part of Moravian heritage, and though he lived from 1592-1670, his legacy is still central to Moravian College's mission today.

But who is John Amos Comenius and what did he stand for?  Over the past year, we've been highlighting the man's own words through a series of #ComeniusSpeaks quotations on social media: here are a few of our favorites.

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