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My Moravian
February 17, 2018

Ah, college food: who doesn’t love over-salted, greasy, and pre-cooked questionable meat? Somehow, even the salads that aren’t tasteless seem to be loaded with added fat and sugar, especially if you don’t get dressing on the side. Thankfully, there are still quick and healthy food options you can try—if you’re willing to break in that unused stove top in your dorm’s kitchen.  

Brianna Marmol / View all by this contributor
September 30, 2016
Breakfast in a Pinch…actually in a bowl then a pan but you get the idea...

Moving off to college and being away from home for the first time is one of the greatest shifts to adulthood in our young lives. Cooking your own meals is another one of those shifts, and it is a heck of a lot easier than figuring out how to fit your entire Blu-Ray underneath your lofted bed. With that in mind here is a recipe that takes minimal ingredients, utensils, and effort: