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My Moravian
March 30, 2018
On Friday and Saturday, Mar. 16-17, Moravian College hosted its 4th Writers’ Conference. The conference was entitled, “Writing about Health: Activism, Advocacy, and Storytelling” which connected to Moravian’s In Focus theme of Healthcare. This was my first Writer’s Conference and it definitely made me more aware of the various ways writing can be used to convey opinions and stories about complex topics, such as healthcare.

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December 21, 2016
My name is Alicia Pisano, and I’m the 2017 Moravian College Writers’ Conference student intern. The Writers' Conference is happening on campus February 3-4 (you can stay tuned to Conference updates on Facebook and Twitter!), and in today's post I asked conference faculty members Kate Brandes and Mary Heather Noble--both writers who originally trained as scientists--to reflect on writing, sustainability, and the natural world.