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My Moravian
February 17, 2018

Ah, college food: who doesn’t love over-salted, greasy, and pre-cooked questionable meat? Somehow, even the salads that aren’t tasteless seem to be loaded with added fat and sugar, especially if you don’t get dressing on the side. Thankfully, there are still quick and healthy food options you can try—if you’re willing to break in that unused stove top in your dorm’s kitchen.  

Brianna Marmol / View all by this contributor
February 1, 2017
Since my freshman year, I've been searching the Lehigh Valley with my friends on a culinary quest, looking for a meal anyone can love, even on a college student budget: a good, cheap burger.

November 7, 2016
Whether you’ve been running through the HUB trying to beat the clock to your 7:30 or splurging with your unlimited swipe dining plans, you’ve probably noticed that dining has undergone some major changes this semester. Here are five changes in dining every Hound should know!

Moravian Blogg… / View all by this contributor
March 8, 2016
All of us, at one point or another, have fallen victim to the doom and gloom that is college dining monotony. But what is truly missing from our undergraduate diets? One word: variety. Eating from the same place every day is sure to breed distaste, and the Blue and Grey is no exception. But blowing all your extra cash on a few good meals a week doesn't seem smart, either. Here are four restaurants in Bethlehem, PA, all within walking distance (sorta) of Moravian College, that are sure to spice up your lunch break without breaking the bank of a broke college student.