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My Moravian
August 2, 2016
His statue stands watch on Main Street, gazing sternly over campus.  Our main building bears his name.  He's an important part of Moravian heritage, and though he lived from 1592-1670, his legacy is still central to Moravian College's mission today.

But who is John Amos Comenius and what did he stand for?  Over the past year, we've been highlighting the man's own words through a series of #ComeniusSpeaks quotations on social media: here are a few of our favorites.

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March 10, 2016
We're counting down the days this week to Comenius's birthday and Moravian College's first Day of Giving on Monday, March 21 (just four days away!), with a special throwback series!

All through the decades, John Amos Comenius has been standing alongside Moravian College students - such a quiet, ever-present influence that you might not have even noticed him.  Can you spot Comenius through the years?