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My Moravian
April 4, 2017
We all know what it’s like to get the bug of redecoration. Whether that is for your own room at home for the commuters out there or the on-campus residents who have a blank canvas at the beginning of each year, consider these 6 ways to spruce up your own safe for cheap. So as we go into the stressful process of choosing where to live next year, let’s also think about the exciting part: decorating!

UNDER: DIY, dorm decor
December 9, 2016
The winter holidays are coming, but unfortunately, you’re room doesn’t look festive. And when you’re on a budget, it’s probably out of your price range to buy a $100 giant, inflatable snow globe—plus, it may annoy your housemate and block the path to the kitchen, which is where the cookies are. Nevertheless, beautiful decorations are possible with these 6 easy ideas!

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August 19, 2016
Need somewhere to stash your pencils or art bushes (in my case makeup brushes)? This quick DIY will get you organized for the fall semester.

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April 6, 2016
Decorating a college dorm room can be hard. There’s not a lot of space, all that cinderblock can make a dorm room look kinda like a prison cell, and for a few years, half of the room isn’t even yours to decorate. To top it off, there’s usually a harsh, fluorescent light that makes it painful to even look around. One decorative and useful way to light up your space is creating Mason Jar Lanterns! This inexpensive and DIY project is perfect for college students on a budget and can be bought at any Michaels or AC Moore.

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