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December 5, 2017
Holiday season is finally upon us, which means it’s time to break out our wallets and hunt for the perfect gift. However, there is no need to go bankrupt this season! I have compiled a list of inexpensive gifts that you can give to your friends, partners, parents, siblings, or anyone else you need. Each of these can be easily customized to the person receiving them, and aren’t a basic gift card (even though gift cards are a great gift option!).

December 14, 2016
Bethlehem, Pa. was officially named the Christmas City in 1937 - for obvious reasons. Like the very star that led Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, the Pennsylvania city shines bright with Christmas lights adorning every storefront and streetlamp. As it is the season for giving, the city also has all kinds of places to find the perfect Christmas gift. Here is a Moravian gift guide for students to find gifts for everyone on a budget!

June 27, 2016
It’s the moment all college students have been waiting for: summer! The word itself implies so much: freedom, no stress, sunshine, and vacations. Only one problem—how to choose a travel destination that’s inexpensive, yet not a typical beach or amusement park?

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April 12, 2016
It happens every semester. You're excited about your new class, you eagerly look over the reading list...and then you see the prices. The financial burden of an extremely pricey textbook enters into each of our Moravian College experiences to not only suffocate our already cash-strapped accounts but also crush our spirits. Worst part is…you probably could have got that $250 book for a lot cheaper and saved yourself the heartache along the way. Here are three tips to use the next time you're staring at a required class materials list that includes a few hundred dollars in academic reading.