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My Moravian
March 13, 2018
Nearly five years ago in the spring of 2013, I visited Moravian College as a junior beginning my college search. My aunt went to Moravian, so naturally I wanted to check it out. I’ve seen how successful she is in her life, so I knew this school would be a good choice. I submitted my early-decision application to Moravian College that fall, received my acceptance, and my college search was over. I was going to be a Class of 2018 Greyhound.

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May 10, 2017
Business is one of the most commonly pursued degree fields in college today. Colleges across the country offer increasingly competitive and impressive business programs, churning out the bright young leaders of tomorrow's business world. Moravian College is no exception to this phenomenon. Our business department currently offers six broad majors, most containing multiple more finely tuned tracks within them, as well as a graduate program and multiple business integrated extracurricular organizations. The department has been praised not only for its knowledgable faculty, but its alumni connections, wide variety of course offerings, and available hands on experiences. After reading interviews from a few students currently in the Moravian business department, it's clear to see why our hard working pupils are so proud of their department. 

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