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My Moravian
March 10, 2016
We're counting down the days this week to Comenius's birthday and Moravian College's first Day of Giving on Monday, March 21 (just four days away!), with a special throwback series!

All through the decades, John Amos Comenius has been standing alongside Moravian College students - such a quiet, ever-present influence that you might not have even noticed him.  Can you spot Comenius through the years?

March 8, 2016
All of us, at one point or another, have fallen victim to the doom and gloom that is college dining monotony. But what is truly missing from our undergraduate diets? One word: variety. Eating from the same place every day is sure to breed distaste, and the Blue and Grey is no exception. But blowing all your extra cash on a few good meals a week doesn't seem smart, either. Here are four restaurants in Bethlehem, PA, all within walking distance (sorta) of Moravian College, that are sure to spice up your lunch break without breaking the bank of a broke college student.

March 3, 2016
You may visit Zinzendorf Hall for the Writing Center on the second floor, sit in a literature class in one of the building’s two classrooms, or simply pass by its bright blue doors on your way to finish some homework in Reeves, but how much do you really know about Count von Zinzendorf, the impressive Moravian figure behind the building’s unique name? Here's 8 must-knows.

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March 2, 2016
Have you ever wished for a campus hide away you could escape to for some studying or relaxation time? Are you the curious type who likes to know all the best nooks and corners in your dorm? Well today's your lucky day: here are five secret spots to discover on Moravian College’s North and South Campuses.

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March 1, 2016

I think we can all agree the only thing we miss more than mom doing our laundry is home-cooked meals on the regular. The Moravian College dining hall, or any dining hall for that matter, can't compare to mom’s meatloaf. But with the right tips and tricks it is, in fact, possible to enjoy eating on a college campus. The next time someone says “Caf?” in your groupchat, don’t be so quick to roll your eyes—the caf could very quickly become your new favorite meal time destination.

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