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Moravian College
Bernie Cantens

History of Western Philosophy of ReligionHistory of Western Philosophy of Religion


The most comprehensive history of the philosophy of religion, the History of Western Philosophy of Religion covers Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, Nineteenth Century and Twentieth Century philosophy of religion. Written by an international range of leading scholars, the entries, each devoted to a major philosopher of religion, have been chosen to reflect the breadth and variety of perspectives in the history of Western philosophy of religion. In addition to entries on major philosophers and schools, thinkers whose work has greatly influenced the philosophy of religion--notably Darwin, Marx and Freud--are also included.

Designed to be accessible to a wide range of readers, the entries focus on the key themes in a clear and jargon-free fashion. Each volume works independently to provide an overview of a period, opening with an introduction to the period and concluding with a timeline of major events and full bibliography. With 100 essays sweeping across the history of Western philosophy of religion in five volumes, this set is an indispensable resource for anyone conducting research or teaching in one of the most exciting and vibrant fields in philosophy.