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Moravian College
Dana S. Dunn

Best Practices for Technology-Enhanced Teaching & LearningBest Practices for Technology-Enhanced Teaching & Learning


Best Practices for Technology-Enhanced Teaching & Learning, edited by Dana S. Dunn, along with Janie H. Wilson, James E. Freeman, and Jeffrey R. Stowell, provides practical information about using technology in higher ed academic programs.

"While we use psychology and the social sciences as the backdrop, the book is designed to be attractive to those in any discipline in which electronic resources can be used in the classroom," notes Dunn, Moravian professsor of psychology and director of the Learning in Common curriculum. Chapters address "developing an online curriculum," "faculty-student communication," "a practical guide to using You-Tube," the use of socialf media, and using online tools to promote student collaboration.

"We required all of the authors to write very practical, focused chapters so that interested readers could readily pick up ideas," adds Dunn. "We also identified both the strengths and the downfalls about using these technologies.

"As an editor, I added the more skeptical voice, which I believe improved the final product. The nice thing about a book like this is that there is enough variety for readers to choose what is most useful to them. Few other texts on the topic related to psychology had been available; Oxford University Press is the publisher.