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Moravian College
Naomi Gal

Daphne's SeasonsDaphne's Seasons

Several years ago Naomi Gal, adjunct faculty in English at Moravian's Comenius Center, moved to the Lehigh Valley and found herself mesmerized by the natural world outside her door. “I was living in a barn in the middle of nowhere,” she says, “and I had never before experienced the four seasons so forcefully.” That first year in a rustic setting is echoed in Naomi’s novel Daphne’s Seasons (Publish America, 2007), which depicts a woman grieving and healing after a suicide bomber kills her husband. “The seasons really are a healing force, and the book is a way of counting nature’s blessings,” says Naomi. Daphne’s Seasons—Naomi’s 16th book, and the first in English for the Israeli-born author—starts from a place of pain and sadness, but charts a way out of the gloom.