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Moravian College
Naomi Gal

Soap OperaSoap Opera

Nora and Leonora, the heroines of Soap Opera, are different from each other in every imaginable way. Nora is an overweight nursery school teacher living in a small town, forever trying to please everyone around her. Leonora is a gorgeous ex-model, a successful writer of romance novels and the wife of a famous fashion designer. While Nora is recuperating from a near-fatal car accident, Leonora is traveling first-class back and forth from New York to Paris. As you read the two stories you keep wondering what is the connection between Nora and Leonora? When, if at all, and how would they meet? Some soap bubbles float from Nora to Leonora and back, is it what they share in common? In order to find out you would have to read the book to the last page.