Dial M for Murder Moravian

Moravain graduate Andrea Schumann, below right, with her cast mates from Forensic Files.


Andrea Schumann isn't really a crime buster. But she did play one on TV. The recent Moravian grad was a business management major when an opportunity arose for an internship at Pro Models and Casting, an Allentown-based talent agency. "I was on file with them as talent—I’ve done some modeling--and they told me they had an opening for a booking agent," she says. She spent much of her time finding look-alikes for perpetrators, witnesses, and victims of crimes that are reenacted on the show Forensic Files (seen on the cable channel CourtTV). The program, produced in Allentown, uses non-actors as well as experienced performers to portray its true-crime stories. Often it's easier to find the right look at a Lehigh Valley supermarket than in a book of Hollywood-style headshots. "Not long ago, I had to find three guys with mullets for a single episode," she notes.

Andrea got her chance to step before the cameras when Forensic Files needed someone to play the role of a witness who ruins the alibi of two murder suspects. "I played a bartender who noticed that the guys left the bar and then came back later," she explains. Her character's observation contradicted the suspects' claims that they were in the tavern at the time of the murder. The scene was filmed at Cannon's, a pub in Allentown. Her brief screen time took surprisingly long to shoot, Andrea says. "You end up doing the same thing over and over again, so they can get it from every angle," she explains. "I was surprised how much work goes into getting one shot. But it was a blast." The episode was titled "A Case of the Flue" (the killers were chimney sweeps), and aired on December 27. It repeated on January 6, and will likely turn up again on CourtTV. (Schedule and episode guide here.)