Gore, left, with Moravian’s Hilde Binford

Spreading the Word about Warming

“When my grandkids ask what I did about global warming,” says Hilde Binford, assistant professor of music, “I want to be able to say that I participated in getting the word out.” To that end, she applied to the Climate Project, an initiative by former veep Al Gore to educate the public about global warming and the options for combating it. On January 2-4, with about 200 like-minded volunteers, Hilde attended a training seminar led by Gore and centered around his Inconvenient Truth film and lecture. The idea was to give volunteer-lecturers the skills and information to bring Gore’s slide presentation to their communities, says Hilde. “We spent eight hours with Gore, going through the background of each slide and why it was included,” she notes. The Climate Project expects to train 1,000 lecturers by the end of January;since over 10,000 people have applied, acceptance into the seminars is extremely competitive.

So what’s Al Gore like in person? According to Hilde, he was quite friendly and incredibly energetic. And, she adds, he loves to tell stories. “When he left the room during the breaks, his staff told us not to ask him any questions. Because it would take nothing for him to just start telling funny stories.” Of course, she adds, people asked questions anyway. Hilde, like all of the seminar attendees, is committed to presenting the slide lecture ten times. She also hopes to bring climatology issues to the Moravian College curriculum. Which should provide plenty of opportunities to share some Gore stories.