Self-Portrait, 1975, gouache

Surreal Life

If dreams could be yanked from the land of nod and hung on a wall, they might resemble the drawings and paintings of Edouard Mathieu Pannetier (1919-1995). The artist, nicknamed “Peccadet,” was an expert diver and spelunker, a combat soldier in WWII, and an active member of the French resistance. Accordingly, his creations sometimes seem ragged or war-torn, but more often they’re playful, aquatic, and suffused with the vital colors of his beloved southern France. Next month Moravian College brings the first posthumous exhibition of Peccadet’s work, which recalls the whimsy and surrealism of Joan Miro, Paul Klee, and Peccadet’s friend Picasso. February 1-March 11, Payne Gallery.