User support analyst Tom Mondschein demonstrates a truism to Technology Day attendees: with a Smartboard, you are your own mouse.

Technology Day A Smart Success

On January 11, Moravian faculty and staff got up close and personal with the latest in business and educational hardware and software as the Center for Information Technology hosted Technology Day. Thirty-two faculty members and staffers attended a variety of sessions that introduced them to everything from the online survey package Survey Monkey to the use of smart classrooms, wireless networking and smartboards. While keeping up with the newest improvements in pedagogical gadgetry may seem daunting, most attendees agreed that it’s worth the effort. "Technology is both a challenge and an exciting opportunity for advancing our educational mission," says Bob Brill, chairman of the Psychology Department, who attended the event. "As I learn what’s available, it allows options that I hadn't considered," he notes. The next Technology Day will probably be scheduled during summer break.