Inside the Dean Search

What’s it like to look for Moravian’s new dean of the faculty and vice president for academic affairs?

"We took a divide and conquer approach," says Kay Somers, co-chair of the search committee and professor of mathematics and Moravian College. "Everyone on the committee read the materials submitted by all the candidates. Then when it came time to check references, everyone on the committee had references to check." A key to keeping the process running smoothly, she adds, was to make sure everyone on the 9-person committee had their say. "We’d just go around the room and let everyone have a chance to talk. We made sure that discussions weren’t ended prematurely."

Co-chair Cy Krajci ’65, College trustee, adds that the College’s recently concluded search for a new president gave Moravian a leg up in its dean search. "We were able to use a similar searching model, and with the help of Moravian’s human resources department everything’s gone very smoothly."

But what’s it like?

"It’s a pleasure to be on a team with good people, working for the benefit of the College," says Cy. "I enjoy working as part of a team, so that aspect of it really appeals to me."

"It’s a great opportunity to be of service to the school," adds Kay. She notes that communicating with the applicants, both on and off campus, sometimes yields new perspectives on issues that many learning institutions are grappling with these days. And it’s a chance to see Moravian through an outsider’s eyes. "One of the visiting candidates was impressed by how well-kept and nice looking our buildings are," she says. "Another asked, ‘Is everyone always so nice here?’"

With the candidates’ campus visits concluding this week, it won’t be long before one of them finds out.

Information about the candidates, their visit schedules, and evaluation forms are available on the College intranet: