A student honor guard welcomed President Rokke to his inauguration ceremony in 1998; a similar greeting will await President Thomforde.


It's all coming together.

After months of planning and scheduling, of detail-arranging and big-picture-minding, of countless phone calls and emails, of numerous meetings, mailings, and memos, the inauguration of Moravian College's 15th president is practically here. And while most of the elements of the weekend-long celebration are ready to roll, there's one piece of the puzzle that needs to be set in place: You.

"There are still plenty of opportunities for volunteers to become involved," says Cy Krajci '65, co-chair with wife Brenda of the Presidential Inaugural Committee. From ushers to parade marchers to flyer-hander-outers, there are openings for anyone who wants to become an active participant in the festivities. One group he's especially keen to recruit is the "honor guard" of several dozen students that will be stationed outside Johnson Hall to greet President Thomforde as he enters for Saturday morning's ceremony. "Originally, we extended an invitation to our honors students only," says Cy. "But we'd like to broaden the call to include any student who'd like to participate." Faculty are encouraged to nudge their students into partaking in this time-honored college tradition.

Sneak Peek

Inauguration Weekend promises to be chock full of unique moments. Here's an inside guide to the highlights:

Friday: The parade will start from North Campus at about six thirty. Get yourself a good spot on Main street to watch grand marshal Pete Carril, of Princeton basketball fan and an old friend of our president, lead the march. In the procession you'll see, among other participants, the College marching band, President and Mrs. Thomforde in a horse-drawn carriage, friendly greyhounds (both canine and costumed-mascot variety), cheerleaders, athletes, student clubs and organizations and, rumor has it, John Rossi playing a kazoo. Anyone who'd like to be among the marchers should contact James Barnes, barnesj@moravian.edu. (All that's required is a willingness to walk the Moravian mile. Buses will be waiting at the Hurd campus to bring the paradesters back North.)

Watching all those people march will probably stir up your appetite. Luckily, the Main Street campus is hosting a barbecue with burgers (including the veggie kind), steak rolls, bratwurst and other popular edibles (starts at 7:30). Afterwards, help yourself to more calories at the make-your-own sundae bar. For dancing or lying on the grass in a postprandial stupor, musical stylings will be provided by Waterfront, a seven-piece pop and rock band with an extensive repertoire of cover tunes and original material. Expect to see some familiar faces on stage, since the combo is flush with Moravian grads and students. And what's that overhead? Fireworks?

Saturday: Will anyone be able to reach high enough to place the presidential medallion around the neck of our towering president? Find out at the ceremony in Johnston Hall Saturday morning (procession begins at 9:30 a.m., ceremony at 10:00, Johnston Hall . . . you RSVP'd when you were supposed to, right?) After lunch, stroll through PPHAC, the Bahnson Center and Comenius Hall to take a gander at displays cooked up for the occasion by various student and campus interest groups. Saturday will also be a great day for cheering on our Greyhound athletes, with men's baseball at Gillespie Field (12:00 p.m.), the women's lacrosse team playing on the HUB quad (2:00 p.m.) and the Greyhound track and field invitational going on all day at Breidegam Track. If you're attending the Inaugural Gala (reception starts at 6:00 p.m.), consider taking a nap first so you can dance the night away. While dining and dancing, keep your eyes open for a large contingent of President Thomforde's high school pals, who no doubt have some interesting reminiscences to share.

Sunday: Overdid it at the Gala? Here's your chance for a contemplative recovery. You can connect with the College's heritage and traditions by attending the worship service held at Central Moravian Church. The combined service with the CMC community will feature a sermon by Dr. Thomforde. To end the weekend with some musical oomph, attend the Moravian Choir's performance of Carmina Burana (4:00 p.m., Foy Hall). And if you see Cy or Brenda around, tell them to enjoy the long vacation they'll no doubt be starting first thing Monday.