Scholarship Day starts the ball rolling. We have a busy week ahead of us . . . so don't let your excitement for the inaugural activates distract you from the second annual Moravian College Student Scholarship Day, which happens on Thursday April 19. It's a day to celebrate the research, performances, and other creative pursuits of Moravian students. Check out the presentations, poster displays and special performances happening all day. More details here.

Everyone loves a parade. Friday's inaugural parade will have something for everybody: live music, marching bands, cheerleaders, athletes, the Corvette Club, horses, greyhounds, students, faculty, costumes . . . the Moravian mile has never been so entertaining. And while everyone's hoping for clement weather, word is that the march will go on as long as conditions are anything less than apocalyptic. "Everyone's determined to go ahead with the parade even if conditions aren't ideal," says Presidential Inaugural Committee co-chair Cy Krajci '65. "If it should rain, we'll still try our best to have it." Parade organizer Ann Claussen practically guarantees that none of the marching groups will klunk into each other. "We'll have runners along the route to watch the pace," she explains. "And anyway, the participants can pretty much figure out how fast they need to go." (Want to be in the parade? Sign up at the HUB by April 18; more parade details here.)

Fireworks are waterproof. Friday evening's post-barbecue fireworks display in the HUB quad, with pyrotechnics generously donated by College trustee John Kemps, can likewise be held in all but the most severe of deluges. So don't go home early on Friday just because of an April shower.

The procession will be way cool. It may lack the bagpipes and live animals of Friday's parade, but Saturday's academic procession has its own kind of style. Besides Moravian faculty, alumni and students cloaked in varying forms of academic robery, you'll see delegates from dozens of colleges and institutions, as well as Bethlehem mayor John Callahan '91, and past presidents Collier, Martin, and Rokke. Take time to admire the college mace, brandished by faculty marshal Stacey Zaremba (don't get too close; she has the authority to clock you with it if she thinks you're going to make trouble).

There's music, of course. Since the choir will be rehearsing for Sunday's not-to-be-missed performance at Foy hall (more on that in a minute), music selections for the inauguration ceremony will be provided by the Moravian College BIG Band. Along with Moravian hymns, Neil Wetzel and his crew will serve up some blues and funk to keep things festive.

You'll see Moravian in microcosm. Is it possible to condense everything, or almost everything, that happens at Moravian College into a single afternoon? No, of course not. But you can get a pretty good snapshot by enjoying the displays and performances on Saturday afternoon. At the PPHAC plaza, student performances will range from a Dixieland band to clarinet and brass ensembles to a play performed in Latin. Inside PPHAC, the HUB, and Comenius Hall, you'll find art shows, honors projects, and more.

The Gala will focus on fun. "There won't be a lot of speeches, just a few short, informal remarks," says Cy. "Basically, 'thanks for coming' and 'let's eat.' Dress is business casual and music will be provided by the same DJ service that rocked last year's holiday dinner-dance.

Cookies! Sunday's regular service at Central Moravian Church will feature "After These Things . . ." (a sermon by President Thomforde). All members of the Moravian College community are welcome to attend. Afterwards, refreshments will include Moravian sugar cookies.

Concert! Though it wasn't planned as part of the inaugural itinerary, the Moravian College Choir's performance of Carmina Burana is an excellent capstone to a remarkable weekend. Enjoy drinking songs, love songs, satirical songs and other music popular with students circa 1230.

There's still time to volunteer. We want more students for President Thomforde's honor guard…a lot more. And there are lots of other volunteer opportunities for students, faculty, staff or anyone in the College community.