Summer is often an opportunity for travel, but this summer those of us hanging around at home have a chance to keep in contact with Moravian community members who are traveling far and wide. Thanks to our new Moravian Adventure blogs, you can exchange messages and pictures with Moravians in Europe, South America and elsewhere. Just click on the links below. (Click on the "comments" link after each blog entry to leave messages of your own.)

Moravians in Patagonia: Hilde Binford, assistant professor of music, is spending the summer in the Patagonia area of Chile, way down near the southern tip of South America (where it's now in fact wintertime). She and her sons Trent and Alex will be hiking, glacier climbing, and trying to photograph the elusive South American Puma. Go to moravianpatagonia.blogspot.com to see how they're doing.

Moravians in London: Joseph Shosh, associate professor of education, leaves on June 22 to spend ten days in London. He and eight of his students will be visiting sites of primary interest to English teachers throughout greater London, Oxford, and Stratford-on-Avon areas. Go to moravianlondon.blogspot.com to read about their journey.

Later this summer: Director of jazz studies Neil Wetzel and colleagues will be blogging from Frydlant, a town northeast of Prague in the Czech Republic, where they'll teach and perform at the Karel Velebny Jazz Workshop.

Have a trip planned and want to keep the campus community in touch while you're away? Let us set you up with a blog of your own. All you'll need is an internet connection at your destination. Contact Rick Chillot, rickc@moravian.edu.