Anne Dutlinger wants to make your life a little easier.

"I was on the parking task force," says the chair of Moravian College's art department. "We met over the summer, and the theme of almost all of our conversations was that there isn't enough parking space. People get very upset about that; it affects their everyday lives and their ability to do their jobs."

Creating new parking lots is an obvious solution, but one that requires significant time and resources. What could be done for more immediate relief? "And then it just came to me," she says. "Bicycles. Our campuses are nine-tenths of a mile apart, not a huge challenge on a bike. It seemed a simple and obvious answer. It may not be a solution, but it's part of a solution, and all we need is for a small mass of people to try it." Soon after, a student told her about the Coalition for Alternative Transportation (CAT), a Bethlehem-based organization that promotes cycling, walking, mass transit and other alternatives to automobile use. "I suggested that Moravian become an institutional member. The parking comittee was enthusiastic, and John Conrad made it happen," she says. Which means that faculty and staff can join CAT for a ten dollar fee, gaining access to the organization's mechanical facilities. "You can bring your bike in on Wednesday nights or Saturdays to have it fixed by their mechanic, to work on it yourself, or to learn how to work on it," she says.

Other incentives for inter- or intra-campus cycling include the immanent installation of bike racks and a map of bike routes between north and south campus. On September 12, Bike Day events will include guided rides through town, a mechanic to answer "fix my bike" questions, cycling gear for demo and purchase, snacks, and the raffle of a new bicycle and other items. If all that doesn't give you an urge to get pedalin', consider how professor Dutlinger describes her own return to cycling after a ten-year gap. "It was amazing getting back on my old bike," she says. "When you're on a bike, your awareness of all things around you is so heightened," she says. "You feel opened up. I think that's why bicycling makes you feel happy."

Bike day is September 12, 11:30–1:00 pm at the 1742 circle near the HUB. Tickets for the bike raffle will be available at the HUB starting September 5. Only students are eligible to win the bike; the other prizes are open to all members of the Moravian College community. Donations for raffle prizes are welcome; to donate, write a check to Moravian College and send it to Mark Reed, co-chair of the Parking Task Force, c/o the Business Office.