While many of us were enjoying cookouts, picnics or some last visits to the Jersey shore, August was a busy month for director of foundation relations Sue Schamberger and her colleagues in Moravian's institutional advancement department. Among other projects that kept everyone hopping, three significant grants were announced:

The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded a $128,902 grant to fund the Moravian College Summer Institute for Teachers, a four-week program designed to provide classroom teachers with methods and tools to integrate the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and the world of the Enlightenment into elementary, secondary and high school classrooms. The Institute will take place in Eisenach, Leipzig, and Potsdam, Germany, June 30th to July 25th, 2008. Participants will be immersed in the places where Bach lived, with access to the finest cultural and scholarly resources on the composer.  Internationally-known scholars will present lectures and workshops that describe the relationship of Bach’s life and music to the world around him. The Institute's co-directors are music department professors Hilde Binford and Paul Larson.

The Pennsylvania Historical & Museums Commission awarded a $5,000 grant to fund the Oral History Project, an initiative by the Moravian College Archives to collect the oral histories of members of the Moravian community involved in the College’s transformation into a modern institution of higher education. The project will gather oral histories from administrators, faculty, alumni, and others close to the decision-making center of the College between the mid-1950s through the early 1980s. Interviewees will be asked to reflect upon the ways in which the College was a pioneer in the field of higher education in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation awarded the College a $17,000 Nursing Education Grant, adding to two grants previously bestowed to Moravian by the PHEF: the $9,615 Dr. Edna B. McKenzie Scholarship Grant and $6,000 Capital Blue Cross Supplemental Nursing Education Grant. The grants are a part of the PHEF's mission to address the shortage of nurses and nurse educators in Pennsylvania.