UnCommon Achievements

Faramarz Farbod, adjunct professor of political science, was a guest on the radio program "Checks and Balances" on WGPA AM on September 10. The topic of the hour-long discussion was "Who attacked on 9/11 and who did not?"

Carmen Ferrero, associate professor of foreign languages, presented a paper titled "La tragedia de la España rural en el siglo XIX a través de la influencia naturalista: Emilia Pardo Bazán entre la civilización y la barbarie de Los Pazos de Ulloa" at the international conference El Modo Trágico y la Cultura Hispánica, organized by McGill University and Universitas Castellae in Spain (June 25, 26 and 27). The paper deals with the concept of 19th century literary naturalism and its influence on the most important novel of Emilia Pardo Bazán, a major writer in Spain during the second half of that century.  It will be considered for publication in the collection “Cultura Iberoamericana” in fall 2007.

A solo exhibition of paintings by assistant professor of art Angela Fraleigh, titled “even,” is on exhibit at the in the Barbara Walters Gallery of the Heimbold Visual Arts Center at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. The exhibit is a part of an on-going emerging artists series at SLC; the artists were selected by students and faculty members from hundreds of applicants. The opening was held on Thursday, September 13; professor Fraleigh gave an informal talk in conjunction with the opening.

Michelle Schmidt, associate professor of psychology, published a paper titled “An examination of mentored and non-mentored children’s self-reported and teacher-reported behavior over an eighteen-month period” in the journal Mentoring & Tutoring.  The paper reports on findings from ongoing study of the TLC mentoring program at Moravian.  Co-authors are recent Moravian grads Brittany McVaugh ’06 and Jennifer Jacobi '06, both of whom worked on SOAR projects with professor Schmidt.