Moravian's new Emergency Notification System is up and running. But are you up to speed on the ENS? To find out, peruse these Q's.

Q: What is the Emergency Notification System (ENS)?

 A: It's a system for providing quick, mass notification of emergencies to the Moravian College community. Since no single communication method is likely to reach everyone, the ENS operates through multiple channels, each of which can provide additional information as it becomes available: siren and public address broadcasts through speakers on Main and South Campuses (on top of Reeves Library and Main Hall respectively) for immediate, mass notification; cell phone text message warnings which send messages to your cell via a service called e2Campus; e-mail messages sent to your provider of choice through e2Campus and via the College’s e-mail system; and postings on the Intranet webpage.  The ENS supplements the 30 emergency response protocols that determine Moravian's responses to a wide range of situations.  An additional method to reach employees is through broadcast voice messaging to office phones.

Q: What's the current status of the ENS?

A: Technical, operational, and full tests were completed in August and September; the system is fully operational.  The College continues to evaluate ways to improve the siren and public address output to reach distant locations on Main Campus.

Q: I haven't signed up to receive emergency notices by text message. Is it too late?

A: No! Sign up now on the College Intranet page using the "e2Campus cell phone emergency notification" link. It's a quick process, and you can register up to two cell phones and two e-mail addresses (in addition to your Moravian e-mail address, which doesn't need to be registered).

Q: Does this mean I'll start getting all kinds of crazy text messages about vespers tickets and stuff like that?

A: Again, no! Your information will not be shared for any other purpose, and the system will be used only for twice-annual tests and real emergencies.

Q: What should I do if I'm on campus and I hear the siren?

A: If you have your cell phone, check it for a text message. If you don't have a cell phone, ask a colleague or student to check.  Move immediately to a safe location. Spread the word to others that you received a warning. Check e-mail and the Intranet for additional information. 

Q:  What will the siren sound like?

A:  It will be a high-low siren like those used by European emergency vehicles (to distinguish it from U.S. sirens), followed by a voice message indicating if it's a test or actual emergency.

Q:  What will the text message, e-mail, and web posting show?

A:  Subject lines on each of these will be MOCO TEST for a test of the system or MOCO ALERT for an actual emergency. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about the ENS?

A: You can e-mail jknauss@moravian.edu or contact Campus Safety dispatch at # 1421.

Q:  How do I provide feedback on ENS testing?

A:  Send a message to ensfeedback2@moravian.edu