Change your tune: Robert Edwin will show you how.

There's classical singing, says Eduardo Azzati, artist-lecturer in voice and conducting at Moravian College, and then there's everything else. The "everything else" category is also known to music teachers as "contemporary commercial music," or CCM. "It's anything that's not classical music or opera: rock, jazz, blues, musical theater," he says. "And there's a trend right now among professionals and teachers to differentiate the two." Student interest in CCM is on the rise, he says, and that has implications for the institutions that train them. "These days, schools tend to be not only classical or not only musical theater," he says. "There's more interaction between styles, and we're coming to understand that this may mean a different pedagogical approach to training singers besides the classical tradition."

Next month, the new approach will be presented to singers and teachers alike when internationally-renowned composer, teacher and performer Robert Edwin offers a CCM workshop and master class at Peter Hall, on Moravian's Priscilla Payne Hurd campus. The event is sponsored by the Lehigh Valley chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing; Mr. Azzati and colleagues founded the chapter about two years ago. "There are so many institutions of higher education, community choruses and singers of all levels in the Lehigh Valley, that we thought it was important to have a chapter here," he says. The Edwin workshop is the group's second event of this kind; last year's workshop focused on vocal acoustics and resonance and was also held on Moravian's campus. "The class is geared towards teachers of singing and students who study voice," says Mr. Azzati, "And that includes music majors at the collegiate level or any singers who want to learn more about what they like to do." Attendees will enjoy a light lunch, followed by a multimedia presentation by Robert Edwin. The singer will then demonstrate vocal techniques by working with three students on stage. "He's a big advocate of the idea that we can't teach a classical singer and a musical theater singer in the same way," Mr. Azzati says. "We're interested in seeing what he's going to propose."

The workshop and master class with Robert Edwin will be held on November 3, beginning at 11:30 a.m. Tickets will be available at the door ($10/$5 for students). For more details, contact Eduardo Azzati at