UnCommon Achievements

Hilde Binford, assistant professor of music, is a guest lecturer for the series "Ethnomusicological Standpoints for Intercultural Dialogue" held at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She'll be presenting "The Slow Song Tradition of the Old Order Amish," "Singing in the Wilderness: 18th century music of the Moravians, Schwenkfelders, Ephrata Cloister and Old Order Amish," and "Climate Crises: Past, Present and Future." She also reports that she's made several presentations this fall on climate change. On November 27, she'll be presenting at  Wilkes University. She's created an alliance with the public interest group PennFuture.

Professor of political science Gary Olson's paper, "Neuroscience and Moral Politics: Chomsky's Intellectual Progeny," has been selected as required reading for participants in the European University Institute's "Taking Ideas Seriously"  meeting in Italy, to be held on December 7-8. His recent work on empathy politics, "Research on Human Nature is Cause for Optimism," appeared on the blog Daily Kos, Atheist.Net (Australia, EDGE: World Question Center and the Richard Dawkins official website.

Assistant professor of Spanish Erica Yozell's article "Writing Resistance through Melancholy: Reinaldo Arenas’ El palacio de las blanquísimas mofetas and Otra vez el mar" has been accepted for publication in the upcoming Hispanic issue of the journal Modern Language Notes.  She writes that while Cuban novelist Arenas’ writing is often celebrated for the liberating power of imagination, these novels garner much of their force from their negativity. In this article, she proposes that through a discourse of melancholy in these two novels (Palace of the White Skunks and Farewell to the Sea), the characters articulate a limited form of resistance to the Cuban Revolution’s narrative of unstoppable progress.

Community Congrats:

On November 4, John Laidlaw, grounds supervisor, coached the girls' U10 team (8- and 9-year-olds) in the Palmer Soccer League, to a 9-1-1 season record, winning the Garcia Cup Championship at the Moore Township Athletic Complex. In the post-season tournament, his team went undefeated, posting a 5-0-1 record for an overall season record of 14-1-2. They defeated Moore Township 4-2 in the semi-finals, and they won the final against division winners Northern Lehigh in a 3-2 thriller. This team was the only team out of twelve to defeat the division winners both in the regular season and post season. They missed the division title by only two points.