UnCommon Achievements

For the fourth consecutive year, the Moravian College Benigna was once again honored by Davor Photography by inclusion in their gallery of exemplary yearbooks, reports yearbook advisor Dick Claussen, coordinator of academic camps and special projects. Eight pages from the Benigna 2007 are featured on the Davor website.

Cecilia Fox, assistant professor of biology, recently returned from the Society for Neuroscience Conference held in San Diego, California on November 1-November 7. She presented research examining the protective effects of selenium in the rat model of Parkinson's disease. She also presented her service learning project, Brain Awareness Day, for the Brain Awareness Week Symposium. As a consequence of this presentation, she's been invited to organize a workshop titled, "Service Learning in Neuroscience" for the upcoming NEURON Conference to be held in New York City next April.

Khristina Haddad, assistant professor of political science, presented a paper titled "The anxious and the calm: On being time-poor in a time-rich model of government" at the annual meeting of the Northeastern Political Science Association held November 15-17 in Philadelphia last week.  The title of the panel was "Should it stay or should it go:  Debating the future of liberalism."

Frank Kuserk, professor of biology, reviewed the book Biological Emergences: Evolution by Natural Experiment by Robert G.B. Reid (MIT Press, 2007) in the November 2007 issue of Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. His review notes that "this volume offers much useful information…[but] one must read it with care as many of these ideas have been supplanted by more recent research and analysis." Professor Kuserk also reports that he recently headed a three-person team that reviewed the biology department and its programs at Kutztown University. The other team members were Ralph Harnishfeger from Lock Haven University and Meghan Wynosky from Drexel University.

Eva Marikova Leeds, associate professor of business and economics, co-authored "A Stadium by Any Other Name: The Value of Naming Rights," in the December 2007 issue of the Journal of Sports Economics. The study makes the case that there's little evidence that naming rights provide a lasting impact on the value of a company's stock. Co-authors were Michael Leeds and Irina Pistolet, both of Temple University. The article was cited on the Chronicle of Higher Education web site. Professor Leeds is currently on leave of absence from Moravian for a two-year teaching assignment at Temple University Japan.

Associate professor of education Joseph Shosh made two presentations at the National Council of Teachers of English convention in New York City on November 17 and 18. In the first, he joined English Journal editor LouAnn Reid and Teachers' College English education program director Ruth Vinz to lead a session on the legacy of reader response theorist Louise Rosenblatt. In the second, he presented a qualitative research study entitled  “In the Shadow of the Blast Furnace: Constructing the Digital History of Early 21st Century Bethlehem,” funded by grants from the National Council of Teachers of English, the National Writing Project, and the Moravian College Leadership Center. Professor Shosh received the NCTE’s 2006 James Moffet Classroom research award for this study.