Julie Del Giorno, Gordon Weil, and Peter Caputo work the phones.

On the face of it, the odds seemed stacked against the student team at Moravian’s first-ever faculty-staff vs. student phonathon. After all, what alum could say no if asked to support Moravian by dean Gordon Weil, admissions maestro Bernie Story, or even President Thomforde himself? And with the very first call of the evening, President Thomforde nailed a $1,100 gift, sending a message that his team would not be easy to beat. But after the hour-long contest, it was the students who racked up the most pledges for the Moravian Fund, proving that their weeks and months of experience in the student phonathon program was more than a match for their opponents’ clout and charisma. The students, who were the top callers from this semester’s phonathon program, brought in 36 pledges, a healthy lead over the fac-staff’s respectable showing of 27. At the end of the evening, the chair of the Moravian Fund, college trustee Rick Kingston ’77, presented the winning team with the Chairman’s Cup. More importantly, the event’s 63 alumni pledges represented over $6,400 in contributions to the fund, which helps bridge the gap between College revenues and expenses.

Gifts made to the Moravian Fund before December 31, 2007 are tax-deductible for this year. For more information or to make a donation, go to www.moravian/giving .

Challenge organizers Jackie Jones and Mark Bentz.
The champions pose with the Chairman's Cup.


Faculty and Staff Team     Student Team
Chris Thomforde    Amy Anderson '10
Peter Caputo     Justin Arifaj '09
Ann Claussen  '74    Vickie Bartkus '09
Julie Del Giorno      Jessica Grochowski '11
Anne Dutlinger Kelly Maressa '10
Rick Kingston '77 Kerianne Marshall '09
Joe Powlette '60  Lauren Scala '10
Bernie Story '80 Kensi Stauffer '10
Gordon Weil Kristen Stauton '09