How to Relate to Public Relations

As you embark on another busy semester, don't forget to keep the Moravian community appraised of your accomplishments. The public relations department is here to help you do just that...and to share your successes with the general public. Here are some reminders about spreading the word.

Contact us early. Even if your details are sketchy, it's never too soon to get on the PR radar screen. We're happy to work with you whenever you need us. But if you can give the PR department an advance heads-up on a time-sensitive event, like a book release or on-campus speaker, so much the better. A month ahead of time? Great! Two months beforehand? Even better! A whole semester? We'll kiss your feet. The day before? Not so good, but we'll still do our best. Chances for coverage in local or national media outlets are greater if they have time to fit your story into their schedule.

Be detailed. When requesting a press release, include as many details as possible: dates, times, names, places. Give us some context with your news. Is this a first for Moravian? Is this something uncommon at most colleges? How long has the project been in the works? How can a nonacademic understand the implications of your research? If you have an internet link with background information relating to your news, send it along. We'll contact you with questions to help shape the story, but a detailed request will help us hit the ground running. Send your press release requests to Michael Wilson, Director of Public Relations and Marketing,, or to

Flood us! Not sure if something's newsworthy? Send it anyway, and we'll figure out the best way to handle it. Send information for InCommon or Moravian College Magazine to Rick Chillot,; send information for campus-wide emails or outside media to Michael Wilson, Or send your info to and we'll take it from there.

Remember're not bragging. Your success stories, big and small, give Moravian College a public face that's positive, personal, and appealing to prospective students, alumni, and the public at large.