Search for a Sociologist

Who will be Moravian's new sociology faculty member? That's still an open question, but with candidates visiting the Moravian campus this month, the Moravian College sociology department expects to have an answer soon. And that's good news to Debra Wetcher-Hendricks, assistant professor of sociology and chair of the search committee.

"I'm looking forward to meeting the candidates and seeing what the potential for the department could be," she says. "But that comes with feelings of wanting this hectic, time-consuming process to be over." There are logistical demands, of course: advertising the position, talking it up at conferences, sifting through dozens and dozens of resumes, figuring out who can pick up a candidate at the airport. But a challenging part of the process is reaching a consensus on which applicants to invite to campus for further evaluation. "That meeting took quite a while," says professor Wetcher-Hendricks. Which is why she suggests that any department undergoing a faculty search take the time to define exactly what they're looking for. "Before they post an ad, before they start going through applications, they need to come to a clear understanding of exactly what it is they want or need in a candidate," she says. "We did that to some extent, but we probably could have done it more. "

Candidates for the Sociology faculty position will be visiting Moravian this month to discuss their research and teaching philosophies. Check your email inbox for reminders from Dr. Wetcher-Hendricks about dates and times.