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Gary Olson, professor and chair of political science, presented a paper titled "From Mirror Neurons to Moral Neuroscience" at the Southern Political Science Association meeting in New Orleans on January 11.

Dana Dunn, professor of psychology, is co-author of Psychology Applied to Modern Life: Adjustment for the 21st Century (Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2009). "Psychology of adjustment is a popular topic and course in the undergraduate curriculum, covering questions of how individuals adjust to and cope with the stresses and strains of modern life," explains professor Dunn. According to the book's introduction, professor Dunn has brought fresh perspectives to this 9th edition of the text, re-energized the revision process, and produced a great deal of new coverage.

Administration and Staff:

Campus executive chef Chad Licsko won first place in Sodexho National Chef Association Culinary Conference in Atlanta earlier this month. According to Sodexho management, "while competition for the honor was very strong, the final vote wasn't even close."