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Faramarz Farbod, adjunct instructor in political science, spoke before the Berks Peace Community on March 5. His talk was titled "Some Contrarian Thoughts On The Present US/Iran Crisis." On March 11, he was a guest on the Berks Community TV (BCTV) program "Centering On Peace;" the program’s topic was resolving the Iran crisis peacefully. "There are several misperceptions that I address more than others," he reports. "One is that Iran’s politics are driven by religious fanaticism of the kind oblivious to any kind of political rationality as we know it. Another is that Iran has never known democratic rule." On March 16, he'll be on a panel titled "The Iran Crisis: Continuing Threat of War, Post-National Intelligence Estimate" at the 2008 Left Forum in New York City.

Professor Political Science Gary Olson's recent op-ed in The Morning Call, "Movie Can Clarify Vision of Rebel Che Guevara," has been reprinted on several web sites, including a Spanish translation in Progreso Semanal with 350,000 daily hits. His paper "From Mirror Neurons to Moral Neuropolitics," has been reprinted on some twenty internet sites.

Photography by Krista Steinke, assistant professor of art, was reviewed in the March 4 edition of the Philadelphia City Paper. Her photograph is described as "pitch-perfect" and "bizarre and wonderful."