With a week to go until the April 23rd release of AMOS, the new Moravian College web portal, you may be wondering. . . what is AMOS? CIT's Jeff Lawson offers this AMOS edification:

"AMOS, which stands for Access Moravian Online Services, is a personalized web portal that will allow students, faculty, and staff to access content, specific to them, from anywhere. It's fully integrated with our current Student Information System (SIS) and it will include enhanced communication and messaging features tailored to particular groups. It will replace and enhance the functionality of CampusWeb, most of the Intranet, and with any luck, global email.

"Phase I, for students and faculty, will concentrate on replacing the functionality found in CampusWeb, such as checking or entering grades, getting course schedules or class lists, plus adding some targeted messaging and communication functionality. CampusWeb will remain up through the beginning of next semester, for those who don't feel like learning a new system during the busiest time of the academic year. Since students and faculty already have usernames and passwords (from CampusWeb) we decided to start there. We hope to have staff members on board over the summer. 

"CIT and students and faculty from the College, Comenius Center, and Seminary have been busy beta testing  since February. While the early returns have shown that people have taken to this pretty easily, and have found it to be very intuitive, CIT will offer over 20 different demonstration session between April 7th and April 23rd. These sessions are designed to help students and faculty become more familiar with the tool and to show some navigation tips to make their experience better.

"Phase II of the project will focus on getting the functionality for Moravian applicants (called Candidate CRM) up, tested, and ultimately running in production by October. Other functionality we hope will find its way into AMOS in the near future includes online registration, group chat rooms, discussion forums, bulletin boards and other functionality designed to help students, faculty, and staff interact in a more positive and meaningful way.

"AMOS also provides the opportunity with an additional module, Constituent, to engage students after graduation.  With AMOS, Moravian can establish contact with candidates prior to arrival, maintain contact with students while enrolled, and retain contact with alumni upon graduation."

Want to learn more? Consider attending an AMOS demo:





April 15 - 18

8:00 – 4:00 pm

Hub by stairs

Video demo

April 17th

11:45 – 12:45



April 17th

5:00 – 6:00



April 18th

12:00 – 1:00



April 22st

5:40 – 6:10 pm

Seminary (SAAL)


April 23rd

 AMOS Goes Live!!!