New Parking Rules

On August 1, 2008, the new Moravian College Parking Rules and Regulations go into effect.  Although the major impact will be on residence students, and lots designated for faculty and/or staff parking will remain the same as they’ve been in the past, it is important that all members of the college community be aware of a few major changes.  In particular…

  • All of the resident parking lots – B, C, D, G, I, L , Q, S, T -- are now premium or guaranteed parking. Anyone parking in those lots without a corresponding hang tag will be ticketed and towed
  • The term “guaranteed” is used because this year, for the first time, the number of resident student permits will be aligned with the number of resident student spaces available.
  • Students are not assigned specific spaces, but are assigned specific parking areas.
  • No resident student may park in the Hurd Campus lot if he/she has a Main Street campus tag
  • Hurd Campus students may park in the Main Street non-resident lots from Friday at 5 PM until Sunday at 5 PM, except for Lot K.

"It is extremely important that anytime you have a function on campus that you make the Department of Campus Safety and Police aware so we can issue passes," noted Sean Tallarico, Department of Campus Safety and Police. He suggests that those with questions about parking call him at 610 861-1421.

Watch your college email for details on getting new hangtag stickers.